Happy Thanksgiving from LaPensee Plumbing

It’s the time of year when we usually all gather around a table with our family and friends to celebrate what we’re most thankful. While a lot of us will still be spending time with the immediate family, some of us may have to sacrifice in terms of the number of people we have around the dinner table.

It’s not all doom and gloom. With social media and technology in our everyday lives, it’s easier than ever to include the whole family and family friends that usually joins us around the turkey. With video calls like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom, it is possible to see Grandma and the grandkids as we enjoy our holiday meal and give thanks.

Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe during a funky year’s Turkey Day:
Happy Thanksgiving from LaPensee Plumbing 1


With the kitchen being the chef-of-the-day’s safe zone, squeezing into the sink may be quite the task. Consider scattering bottles of hand sanitizer around the house for your immediate family members.

Designated tablet/computer person

While meeting with family virtually, there’s potential for many different hands all over the same device. Let’s be smart about how we bring virtual dinner guests to the table by designating one person to operate video calls. This practice should also be considered when sharing a bottle of wine or pitcher of iced tea.

Fewer guests

This is the one we’re all dreading, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Sure, we want all the usual guests over for the holiday, but is the family’s health really worth it? Consider reducing the number of people around the table to keep some wiggle room between each other. Maybe put the kids’ table in an adjoining room.

It’s a strange year with sacrifices to be made by all of us. But with vaccines on the horizon, hopefully we’re on our way to Thanksgiving as we remember it. And the efforts we make this year could help ensure that everyone we love is healthy enough to join us for the next one.

We wish all of our loyal customers, family, and friends a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!