Home Renovations and How to Protect Your Air Conditioner

Home renovations are a good thing, it’s exciting to have a kitchen remodel, or a bathroom remodel. But what do you do to protect your air conditioner? It’s important to think about how to protect your air conditioner when home renovations are going on because there will be dust flying around, and you don’t want that being distributed throughout your home. See these tips below.
Home Renovations and How to Protect Your Air Conditioner 1
The first step to take is to cover the vents and registers in the area that the work is being done. You don’t want any of the HVAC unit to be damaged, nor do you want any members of the household to become ill by breathing dirty air. Be sure that the vents are covered and secured tightly.

Yes, we don’t have many cool days here in the Bradenton area, but turn off the AC unit while work is being performed. Open the windows if you can. You don’t want dirt and debris to become trapped up in the air ducts.

If you can, seal off the area where the work is being done. This will reduce the dust and debris from being spread to the rest of the house.

Keep the areas clean as best as you can. This will minimize the amount of dirt and dust that will be tracked throughout the house.

After the work has been completed, inspect the air conditioner to be sure that it is clean and there isn’t any debris in it.

Even if it is clean, it’s a good time to change the air filters in your home just be sure you have the cleanest air possible.

While you’re enjoying your newly renovated home, be sure you have the cleanest possible air coming from your HVAC unit. Contact LaPensee Plumbing Pools and Air to schedule your AC Checkup after your home renovation.