Home & Warm for the Holidays

Before you prepare your home for the family at Christmas, it’s important to make sure your hot water heater is working properly. This is so the holiday chef has hot water to cook with and the family has hot water to keep clean and sanitized for Christmas dinner. Not to mention having hot water for whoever gets stuck with cleaning the dinner dishes. And let’s try and avoid the screams heard from someone in a cold shower! If you find your water heater isn’t up to par, make sure you contact us to set up a new water heater install.
Woman in a shower

Authorized Rheem Water Heater Dealer

As an authorized Rheem water heater dealer, we take pride and assurance in the products we carry. We are confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality of your new water heater. Our warranty gives you peace of mind as you enjoy the performance of this reputable product. Rheem was founded in 1925 and is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in the US. We’re proud to partner with such a well-known and outstanding company. They continue to be a pioneer in the world of residential and commercial water heating technology.

Same Day Water Heater Installation

Here at LaPensee, we offer same day water heater installation. No one beats our price or our speediness of service and we’re very proud of that! Right now, 40-gallon electric tank water heaters can be installed same day. This includes installation of the new unit, up to 3 hours of labor, a 6-year warranty, and removal of your old unit at no additional fee!

Don’t forget about our 24-hour emergency service! Just give us a call and we’ll get someone over there to make sure your holidays are enjoyed warm & at home!