How Often Should You Replace Your Pool Filter

Pool filters play a very important role in the cleanliness of your pool. And extending the life of your pool filter can depend on different factors. But how often should you replace your pool filter? Here are some tips on cleaning your pool filter cartridge, and then replacing your pool filter.
A guy maintaining a pool

High PSI

Generally a high PSI (pounds per square inch) of 8, indicates that there is a strain on your system. It means your cartridge is dirty. You can typically rectify this simply by cleaning it off with a quick clean with a hose. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could need a deep cleaning. Generally speaking, the more often happens, the filter probably needs to be replaced.

Water Quality

If you begin to notice that your water quality is not crystal clear, or that you’re using many more chemicals to get that nice balance in your water, then it could be time to replace your water filter. It’s a good idea to try to clean it first to see if that solves the problem, but if not, it could be time to replace your pool filter.

Damaged Filter

Another easy way to see if it’s time to replace your pool filter is if there is noticeable damage, such as the top of the filter being cracked. Each time you take it out to clean it, you should be performing a visual inspection, looking for cracks, or tears in the fabric. If you notice either of these, it’s time to replace your filter.

Simply put, the larger the filter, the fewer cleanings that will be needed. If you’re noticing any of these problems, give the experts at LaPensee Plumbing, Pools, & Air a call, we provide pool maintenance, and pool services, for both residential and commercial customers. We keep pools sparkling and faces smiling. Contact us today!