Merry Christmas from LaPensee Plumbing

Christmas is a special time for families. Unfortunately this year we must re-imagine the way we gather in order to keep our loved ones safe. While the Covid vaccine is great news, it has come too late to save a traditional Christmas this year. Here are some tips for a safe Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas from LaPensee Plumbing 1

Smaller is Safer

We need to keep our gatherings limited to immediate family. Having multiple families together greatly increases the risk of spread. Each family has outside contacts from work, school, friends, shopping, etc. that are different from yours. Bringing families together introduces each to contacts which they would not have been exposed to otherwise.

Everyone Sits at a Kids' Table

Didn’t you hate being exiled to the kids’ table growing up? Being isolated from the rest of the family. Let’s remove the stigma of the kids’ table. If you have more than just your immediate family together, setup multiple “kids” table so everyone can spread out. No one is exiled and it’s much safer.

Don't Pass Go

It’s a tradition to pass the dishes around the table. Don’t! Everyone is not only touching each dish, they are touching the serving utensil and breathing on every dish. Buffet style using Mom as a single server is much safer.


If you can, plan your festivities to take place outdoors. If you live where that’s not possible, then perhaps open the windows to increase the air circulation. Yes it will increase your heating bill but a few dollars is worth being safe.

New Traditions

You can start some new traditions to be safe. Try virtual gatherings using Zoom, Facebook, Google video chat or another program. You can actually spend Christmas with more relatives from around the world. Relatives that may have not been part of your previous Christmas tradition. The kids can even still play with their cousins virtually using a game box or various apps where you can invite other to play games with you.

The 3 W's

As we have done for months, wash your hands, wear a mask and watch your distance as much as possible.

We want you and your family to be safe for Christmas and beyond. We all can survive one untraditional, safe Christmas. So be safe and have a very Merry Christmas! Remember LaPensee Plumbing is here for any plumbing emergencies that may arise this holiday season.