Prepare Your HVAC System For Storm Season

Hurricane Season is just around the corner. Our regular stormy season is coming as well. This means strong rains, heavy winds, thunderstorms, and the potential for hurricanes and tropical storms. These can not only impact our family gatherings around the swimming pool, but our HVAC system as well. So now is the time to start to prepare your HVAC system for these potential hazards. See our tips below.
Prepare Your HVAC System For Storm Season 1
One of the best things you can do for your HVAC is to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment. If you do this prior to a storm, as well as prior to hurricane season, you can weed out any issues that could arise and ensure that your system is working properly before and during a storm. By scheduling your appointment now, you can trust that you don’t have any surprises during this busy season.

Because this season comes with dangers such as high winds, there are things that can happen such as falling trees and flying debris. This makes it important to clear potential debris from around your unit. In addition to cutting down foliage and tree branches, when you hear that there is the potential for severe weather, including thunderstorms or a hurricane, clear your outdoor furniture from the area, or tie it down so it doesn’t become a hazard.

Be sure that your unit is properly tied down and secured too. If you live in an area that experiences high winds on occasion, or that your unit is situated in such a way that it is directly hit by winds, it’s very important that it is properly secured.

You don’t want to cover your unit all the time, but should a hurricane strike, or a strong storm of another sort, turn the unit off and cover it with a tarp to protect it. Once you know it’s safe, be sure to remove the cover so there isn’t a chance of moisture building up under the cover.

These units are essential, and work very hard for us during these months so they need to be treated with care. Contact the HVAC professionals here at LaPensee Plumbing, Pools, and Air to schedule your maintenance appointment before it’s necessary. Your comfort is our priority.