Going beyond traditional plumbing.

Backflow Services

Our backflow services are designed to prevent contamination of the public water system that supplies your home with running water. Backflow prevention devices are now required by law on all new construction and water service updates. Imagine a garden hose in a dirty bucket of water and having a siphon event occur causing the dirty water to “backflow” into your drinking water. Backflow devices prevent this type of event from happening. LaPensee Plumbing, Pools & Air is fully licensed for specialty plumbing services and is able to install, maintain, repair, and annually test backflow prevention devices.
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Installation types


Annual testing ensures adequate performance of the device.

Repairs and maintenance

Keeping your device maintained allows it to function properly. We offer maintenance plans that give you discounts and provide attention to your individual needs.

Video Camera Inspections and Pipe Lining Services

Normal home inspectors don’t examine sewer pipes, since they are buried in the ground and it requires special camera equipment to inspect them.

At LaPensee Plumbing, Pools & Air we have the ability to visually inspect your sewage system to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem. Just like your drain pipes, your main sewer line can become clogged, which can cause sewage backups in your home.

Tree roots growing into sewer lines is a common problem. Roots crawl into tiny openings and expand in the sewer line, latching on to other debris that typically cause backups such as grease or sanitary waste. They may also wrap around your sewer line and crush it. Even if the area directly above your sewer line is free of trees, roots from a neighboring yard could be the cause of your sewer problem. Another reason to inspect might find that the lines are just old and in need of replacement. Over time they can collapse, corrode (scaling) or break causing sewage backups.

Pipe-Lining is an alternative to replacement with little to no digging involved in this trenchless process, making for a potentially more cost-effective and less disruptive method than traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods.

Gas Piping

We offer LP and natural gas piping services to both commercial and residential applications. The safety and security of properly installed and maintained gas lines and pipes can mean meeting required industry standards for the well-being of your family or customers. We have the knowledge and experience to give you the service that you need. We can also help you save money; By changing from electricity to gas you may be able to save up to 40%.


Applications offered

Under Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak repair is needed when water leaks below the concrete slab upon which your house or business sits. A slab leak can occur as a structure ages, but can also occur in new construction. The water and sewage lines are typically situated underneath the foundation. Fractures in the lines, incorrect water pressure in the system, water quality, earth movement, poor construction or shifting soil can all be contributing factors. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.