Should I get an AC Tune Up?

Living in the Bradenton area of Florida, we use our AC systems, a lot! Between the heat and humidity, we need them almost all year round. This means they get a lot of use, and require maintenance. But what type of maintenance do they need? The best way to keep your AC running efficiently is by having an AC tune up. It might seem expensive, or not really worth it, but it could save you expensive repairs down the road. Let’s see why.
Home Air Conditioning machine
When one of our LaPensee AC technicians comes to your home to do an AC tune up, they’re essentially doing a check up of your air conditioner. They’re making sure everything is working, and lubricating the motor. Making sure all hoses are free from debris, checking the electrical components, and even the thermostat.

You could save money in the long run by having an annual tune up, because when we are checking it out, we could find something minor before it turns into a major issue. By taking care of smaller problems on a regular basis, you can extend the life of your unit keeping it for a longer period of time before it needs to be replaced. Also, most manufacturers require units to be maintained for warranty purposes.

There is even another benefit of having an annual tune up. When it is tuned up on a regular basis, your unit runs more efficiently. This means that your home is cooled better, making for lower utility bills as well as a more comfortable living space. No one likes to be hot while they’re in their home. We recommend a bi-annual maintenance on your unit to keep it running in tip-top shape. We could also let you know where and how you could be wasting energy while we’re there.

Your air conditioning unit is one of your most important appliances here in Florida, we truly can’t go without them. This makes it imperative that you keep them in tip top shape. Schedule a tune up with us, or get on a maintenance plan to keep it running for years to come.